Senin, 31 Agustus 2009

my ex best buddies

my best friend struck me in the eye
but i can't see it
he just simply do it
and he came to me like nothing has ever happened

i never know that he will do such a "brilliant" thing by not trusting me
i want to say, "bud, you are my best friend and i will forgive whatever you do.."
but every parts of my bodies are doing their best effort to stop it

i just want to say, "hey, i'm not mad for what you've taken,.. it's just simply about a matter of trust.. all you have to do is telling me the truth before it already broken... that's all.."
but again, my brain decided to stop his activity right when my mouth open...

i don't know whether you did that consciously or not..
what i already knew now is that you don't trust me no more and i don't even want to do it either..

originally created by your ex best buddies in the middle of the night and with smoke covered his brain

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