Jumat, 25 Desember 2009


One day..
A man and a woman plant a tree with love..
Years later they plant the second tree besides the first one with hope that both trees can protect each other..
Times has passed..
it turns out that both tree didn't grow up as what they hoped..
Second tree grow up bigger than the first tree and it blocks all the sun which is needed by the first tree..
No matter what first tree do, it can't get what he need..
It tried to slide right and left, it tried to widen its branches, and it even tried to grew its leaves wildly..
But, it never moved any inches from the shadows..
If somebody cut just a little bit of branches on the top of the second tree, the first tree will got the same amount of sun that it need and it may grow even bigger than the second tree..
But, again, nobody would do that.. Even the man and the woman who plant them..
They are too busy to watch their second tree grow so healthy..
At the end, the first tree dead and no one even realize it..
Imagine if the trees are two brothers..
This thing can happen because of their parents are way too busy to watch one of their son grow and ignoring the other one..

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